Ten teenage school students and one teacher are in a science lab. One student appears to have Down Syndrome. The students are all working in groups.

How To

Our blog features up-to-date information, opinions and commentary on media portrayal of people with disability, the Foundation and related issues. If you need help on how to include people with disability in any way, our Attitude Foundation guidelines for content writers are a good starting point.

Production companies

We are developing a guide for production companies which will set out the things to think about when creating inclusive production environments for the people behind and in front of the camera. The fact sheet will address accessibility and inclusive language as well as messaging and framing when creating fictional or factual film, television or web content. The guidelines are informed by the production and evaluation of our own documentary series, Perspective Shift


  • Project Open Doors was a program run by Griffith University in Queensland in 2018 that explored the representation of people with disability in journalism. 
  • Media Diversity Australia is an organisation working toward increasing diversity in Australian media, including disability.


  • Starting with Julius is a great Australian organisation working toward the better and increased representation of people with disability in advertising and foundered by one of our directors Catia Malaquias. Starting With Julius collaborates with Target and Kmart Australia.  
  • CoorDown is an Italian organisation for the inclusion of people with Down Syndrome in society. Every year, for World Down Syndrome Day, they partner with marketing and production agencies to create a disruptive campaign like this 2012 campaign where they reworked TV commercials featuring people with Down syndrome.



TV Series

  • Australian award-winning young filmmaker, Amy Marks’ film about disability identity and the stereotyped representation of people with disability as being either tragic or inspirational.
  • 20 years, 20 stories – a series of stories about people with disability commissioned by the Australian Human Rights Commission for the 20th anniversary of the Disability Discrimination Act.

General media resources