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The Attitude Foundation relies on the support and generosity of our sponsors and donors. This support helps us to:

  • Promote and advocate for better portrayals of people with disability in media
  • Engage and collaborate with researchers, other organisations and individuals who are working towards the inclusion of people with disability in all areas of life
  • Fund our operations
  • Fund our documentary series 

Major sponsor

In 2014, ANZ partnered with the Attitude Foundation as its founding sponsor, reflecting a shared desire to change community attitudes and behaviour and to empower people with disability to participate in every aspect of political, social, economic and cultural life.

Since then, ANZ has provided financial and in-kind support, including by seconding skilled staff to help support the Foundation’s operations.

ANZ has a proud history of helping its customers, people, and the communities in which it operates to thrive. We are committed to making our products, services, workplace and culture welcoming and supportive of people with a disability. ANZ understands that disability is relevant to every aspect of its business – customers, employees, markets, communities, suppliers and key stakeholders.  You can read more about ANZ’s commitment to building a more accessible and inclusive bank on ANZ’s website.



Life Without Barriers


Cerebral Palsy Alliance

Oakdale Possability

Documentary Australia Foundation


Curtin University

Curtin University are the leaders in research into the representation of people with disability in media in Australia. Curtin has provided in-kind assistance with the evaluation of our documentary series, Perspective Shift

HWL Ebsworth Lawyers  

HWL Ebsworth Lawyers (previously Tresscox) is an in-kind supporter and advises the Foundation on production, distribution and intellectual property issues around our documentary series.


Intopia is a financial supporter of Attitude Foundation.

"Intopia supports the Attitude Foundation in changing attitudes toward disability - portraying more people with disability in the media will help reduce prejudice and increase acceptance. Acceptance will also assist Intopia to meet its mission of creating an inclusive digital world."

The Copy Collective

The Copy Collective has provided in-kind support since Attitude Foundation's inception. Staff and team members have given their time to serve on the board, participate in events, produce material and social media promotion. CEO Maureen Shelley is a founding regular donor and TCC supports Attitude through social media amplification.

BDJ Partners

BDJ provide pro-bono auditing services.

Gilbert and Tobin

Darren Fittler from Gilbert + Tobin provided pro-bono legal expertise to get the Foundation formally established and continues to provide specialist advice and assistance on charitable, fundraising and governance issues.


Professional services firm PwC provided in-kind support during the establishment of Attitude Foundation, including the secondment of a skilled staff member.

Opportunities to help

The Foundation is seeking to develop partnerships with organisations and individuals through both financial and in-kind support.

Documentary series

Our documentary series, Perspective Shift, is an ongoing project. Each 30-minute episode features one individual with disability with an interesting story to share. The series objective is to position people with disability as role models or leaders in their chosen fields and to highlight their contributions to our society and shed light on the barriers previously or continually encounter.

These stories are changing attitudes toward disability and there are so many stories to share! We are seeking financial contributors that are as passionate about sharing these stories as we are. 

Social media and promotional support

Providing financial or in-kind support to promote our documentary series and its content across a range of traditional, digital and social media platforms.

Levels of support

We are happy to tailor support benefits and recognition to meet your communication and promotional needs. This would be based on our recognised levels of support (please note that the amounts refer to both financial and in-kind support):

Premium Sponsor ($250,000 plus)

The highest level of support with a wide range of acknowledgement, promotional support, Attitude Foundation involvement and use of the Attitude Foundation name in promotions/communications. This level also includes extensive tailored benefits exclusively tied to the specific area of support. Examples: Financial support of multiple episodes of our documentary series or general financial support of the organisation.

Major Sponsor ($100,000 - $250,000)

Significant support of Attitude Foundation with high levels of acknowledgement, promotional support and use of the Attitude Foundation name in promotions and communications. This level typically would support one project or area and would have tailored benefits tied to that specific area. Examples: Exclusive support of an episode of the documentary series, research program into changes in attitudes, general financial support of the organisation.

Sponsor ($10,000 - $100,000)

General support of Attitude Foundation with acknowledgement and recognition of that support, specific acknowledgement around smaller project area or in-kind support. Examples: Contributing sponsor to an episode or series, provision of access services to series in multiple languages (such as captioning and audio description), major promotional support, general financial support of the organisation.

Supporter ($1,000 - $10,000)

This level is particularly suited to specific operational support, in-kind assistance or lower levels of general support. Acknowledgement can be structured around the assistance provided. An acknowledgment will be made on our website for a 12 month period. Examples: Provision of access services, legal and consultancy support, general financial support of the organisation.


For individual or corporate donations utilising the Attitude Foundation’s Deductible Gift Recipient status, please use our donation facility.