A film crew filming people using assistive technology

About Us

The reason

“The biggest challenge for Australia is to provide an environment for change which allows for a cultural shift across all parts of our society. Active participation of those with disability in society generally can only occur with a change in attitude. This is something that can’t be legislated; people need to see the reason why change is important.” - Disability Expectations: Investing in a better life, a stronger Australia, PWC, November 2011

Community attitudes can slow change. We believe that media is a powerful tool for changing attitudes. Attitude Foundation explores how people with disability are portrayed in the media and is working to ensure that there are more realistic inclusions of people with disability across all forms of media. 

We want to improve Australia's understanding of disability and we strive to challenge three common misconceptions:

  1. That people with disability are only objects of inspiration, pity or tragedy.  
  2. That an individuals diagnosis or impairment is not the barrier to their participation in society and instead promote the Social Model of Disability which recognises that everyone is different and that society needs to be modified to ensure all people can participate equally.
  3. That all impairments have obvious physical characteristics when in fact; the majority of impairments are invisible e.g. psychosocial or mental health conditions, intellectual or sensory impairments and hearing and vision impairments. 

The vision

To live in an accessible Australia where people with disability belong and have opportunities to contribute meaningfully to all aspects of life.