A wall next to a city street displays an ANZ logo.

Award for ANZ and Attitude’s winning partnership!

November 17, 2016

In an Australia where almost one in five citizens have a disability, it is imperative that government and industry work with the disability sector towards a more inclusive future.  ANZ... Read More

A road is lined with flags as it leads to a historic building.

Media and Persons with Disabilities – Side Event, Social Forum 2016

October 16, 2016

* A shortened version of the following speech was delivered by Catia Malaquias at the Social Forum 2016 – Side Event, held by the United Nations Council for Human Rights on 3... Read More

The cover of a Screen Australia pamphlet is repeated three times across the screen. The image is of three people peering in a bakery shop window at treats, one person appears to be from a CALD background. The words "seeing ourselves" and "reflecting on diversity in Australian TV drama" are displayed.

Art Not Reflecting Life

August 29, 2016

People with disabilities are significantly under-represented on Australian TV.  Seeing Ourselves, a five-year report into diversity in Australian TV drama, released by Screen Australia, highlights this problem according to the Attitude... Read More

A repeated image of a book cover. A person is seated on a chair in front of a white background. Their guide dog is seated on the floor next to them. The words "Graeme Innes", "finding a way" and "this is, and I mean it, a wonderfully moving, beautifully written and inspiring account of the life of an extraordinary Australian. Peter Fitzsimons" are displayed. The image is repeated three times across the screen.

‘Finding A Way’, the enthralling and uplifting memoir from Graeme Innes

July 15, 2016

Introduction to Finding A Way, the enthralling and uplifting memoir from Graeme Innes, Chair of the Attitude Foundation: It had been raining steadily for four days, and the question of whether... Read More

Two people smiling at the camera with their heads close together in a "selfie".

Working with Attitude – Lucinda Tamburrino

August 20, 2015

As many of our followers will know, Lucinda Tamburrino, our previous Executive Officer seconded by ANZ, recently return to the bank. We caught up with her to talk about her... Read More

A child and a puppet are seated in individual wheelchairs. The child is smiling.

Attitude series and the power and responsibility of portraying disability on mainstream TV

February 3, 2015

Guest Blogger: Catia Malaquias When my son Julius was born and I was told that he had Down syndrome, I felt that I had no reference point for what his life... Read More