Shaking things up!

October 24, 2018

When you’ve modelled on international runways, co-founded a tech startup, are driven by universal design principles and have been an advocacy manager for a non-profit working toward inclusive advertising, you get quite a unique perspective on how disability is perceived and experienced.

And, that is what Angel Dixon will be bringing to the Attitude Foundation as our new CEO. “The exclusion and misrepresentation of people with disability in media is a pervasive problem. Changing attitudes is key.” says Angel, “and the media is such a powerful tool to achieve this”.

As our work commences on our documentary series, as well as projects on creating inclusive media, Angel will be taking the organisation closer to our ultimate goal of creating a truly diverse and inclusive Australian media landscape. Previously on our Board, Angel already has extensive knowledge and commitment to Attitude Foundation.

Angel replaces Aine Healy, who is delighted to be handing the ‘attitude baton’ over to Angel, saying “who better to lead the next phase of the Foundations work than this dynamic activist and go-getter”. Working alongside each other for the past few weeks has meant that Angel is already up to speed with the foundations work, as well as being able to pursue some new opportunities.

“I’m really proud of the work the Attitude Foundation has accomplished and am very much looking forward to Angel building upon that in the coming months”.

Graeme Innes

Attitude Foundation Chairperson

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