Our attitude and plans in 2018

March 14, 2018

What's on in 2018

Our goal is to create a media landscape that is truly inclusive and representative of people with disability. We want people with disability shown as they really are!
We want people with disability on our screens, behind the cameras, creating and producing media and directing how stories are shared. Attitude Foundation operates under the vision of “changing attitudes changes lives” and for 2018 this is how we plan to do just that.

This year, production will begin on our documentary series that will amplify real stories of people with disability with the aim of it being broadcast on a national free to air broadcast network. We will share stories that not only demonstrate the benefit of full inclusion of people with disability in society but also the barriers people continue to encounter. Our series is created from a place of activism and we are breaking down the common behaviours and actions that play into existing stereotypes of people with disability in media. We are collecting information along the production journey which will inform future production environments and series and also industry guidelines. 

This year we are also running the #AttitudeChallenge, growing our social media presence, hosting and speaking at events, sharing and producing content and commentary. We’re also building a movement of Australians that are committed to taking action and changing attitudes via the media. 

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Changing attitudes will change lives and 2018 is the time for us to do just that! 

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