Join the #AttitudeChallenge

March 11, 2018

Want to show people what disability really looks like?

Want to help change attitudes? You can!
Join the #AttitudeChallenge and together let’s flood social media with pictures of people with disability!
Anyone can take part, all you need to do is snap and share!

How it works

Follow us on Facebook and each Sunday from March 11th (for the next 4 weeks) we will share a photo theme for the week.
Then it’s over to you to snap real photos of yourself.
Post them to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and tag with #attitudechallenge.
Like, share and comment on other people’s photos – who knows what will get posted!

We want the world to see real people with a disability!

Real life. Real attitudes.
The everyday stuff like wrangling the kids off to school, heading to work, doing the dishes and everything in between!
People need to understand what life is really like. We created this challenge because we are over stock images of people with disability that show non-wheelchair users using wheelchairs, headless people and inspiration porn!

What we will do next?

We will share the images online.
Plus we will call on the media to improve their photo stock.

Together we can change how disability is viewed!

Say hello to real life photos and goodbye to misrepresentation. Get your friends, family and colleagues to take part too and let’s do this. #AttitudeChallenge!


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