I’d love more people like me on tv!

November 24, 2017

“I’d love some more people like me on tv!”

The Attitude Foundation heard this from a young person in NSW just this week.

They are not alone, and here at the Attitude Foundation our work is starting to gear up to make sure people with disability are not just in the media, but involved in creating, producing, writing and starring in fabulous media pieces.

“Changing attitudes about people with disability has never been so important, and we are delighted to announce that Aine Healy is joining the Attitude Foundation as CEO to help us make sure that people with disability are represented as the dynamic, interesting and in many cases ordinary every day Australians that they are” Graeme Innes AM, Attitude Foundation Chairperson announced today.

“The Attitude Foundation is planning the busiest 12 months of our organisation's short history” said Mr Innes. “We have a production of TV pilot show, commencing projects with a range of university partners and are leading community and sector education on disability diversity. Having Aine as CEO, working alongside our Board and many partners, will enable us to make very real differences in how people with disability are involved in the media”.

Ms Healy, comes from a background in advocacy, campaigning and community work; and has worked for many years in genuine partnership with people with disability to create positive change.

“I know Australia can do better with regards to making sure people with disability are not only visible in our community but actively taking part in creating and producing all types of media – I am really looking forward to working with the Attitude Foundation helping to make this a reality!”

In what is typical of Ms Healy’s can-do attitude – she’s started this week by presenting at a national conference, FWDORG, about making the online environment more inclusive – through better imagery, language and representation.

At a time where media, including social media captures so much attention, it is essential that people with disability are not just part of the conversation but actively contributing to the Australian media industry. The Attitude Foundation is proud to be leading this work and in the future, looks forward to people telling us “hey, there was a person just like me on tv”.

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