Attitude Foundation Partners With Powerd Media

December 8, 2023

Exciting news ahead! The Attitude Foundation is teaming up with Powerd Media, a new online platform created by and for people with disability.  This collaboration marks a significant step in highlighting diverse voices within our community.

Powerd Media will host Attitude Foundations flagship documentary series Perspective Shift and our podcast ReFramed Disability In Media. Powerd Media is an accessible online space showcasing authentic story-telling and perspectives of people with disabilities.

Our partnership with Powerd Media aligns with our commitment to ensuring our stories are not just heard but also valued. We're excited to join this initiative and invite you to explore the platform, where you'll find authentic content fostering inclusivity within the disability community. This collaboration signifies an important move toward amplifying representation of disabiilty in the media. Cheers to this new chapter of increased visibility and community engagement!

Check out Powerd Media Here!

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