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The Attitude Foundation has a special focus on the portrayal of people with disability in the media, especially on television.  We know that this has a major impact on the attitude of the general population toward people with disability. This then helps improve education, employment and general attitudes towards people with disability.  

Research tells us that including people with disability in television programs helps change attitudes. An even stronger impact comes from letting people with disability tell their own stories, like young disabled film maker Amy Marks who manages to shatter a few myths about disability in just one minute through her film about disability identity.

Four ways to support attitude change

As we approach the end of the financial year there are four ways that your support can help the Foundation change attitudes:

1.       Contributing towards our pilot episode, joining our corporate partners. A key strategy of the Foundation is to make a TV series which is a high-impact way of changing attitudes. It will also show TV producers and program makers what good disability-inclusive television looks like and how they could do more to boost disability inclusion and positive portrayal on television.

2.       Keeping the social media and website content flowing, like our news piece on the problem with invisible disability, so that we can keep educating people about diversity in media and portrayal of disability.

3.       Research into attitudes about people with disability. It is important to measure the impact of the TV programs to show the positive changes of mainstream attitudes towards people with disability.  This also helps us gain further support and assists policy change.

4.       Funding the organisation will help us build relationships with others working in the field, advocate for attitude change and educate the public. We don’t rely on ongoing government funding and have a lean operation with very little overheads, but still need some base financial support.

Donations to the Attitude Foundation of $2 or more are tax deductible and we will include you in our list of contributors and supporters.

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