Disability on TV - the UK experience


Image: Amy Conachan, currently starring in UK series, Hollyoaks

Ordinarily media organisations compete with one another, but in Britain they are collaborating because of their shared belief that media should reflect the richness and diversity of society, and provide opportunities to everyone to participate.


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UK panel discusses disability on TV


Image: Where have all the disabled people gone? panel hosted by the Royal Television Society. Deborah Williams, Adam Hills, Rosie Jones, Shannon Murray and Ade Adepitan (left-to-right). Photo credit: Paul Hampartsoumian.


A major panel discussion on the portrayal and inclusion of people with disabilities on British TV was hosted by the Royal Television Society this month.


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TressCox Lawyers lends key expertise to disability TV series


TressCox Lawyers is assisting the Attitude Foundation on its production agreement and distribution rights for the planned pilot episode and TV series featuring people with disabilities.

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Research into media portrayal of disability murders reveal stereotypes


Image: A television reporter interviews an American police office at a crime scene

A major American research study lead by David Perry, disability rights journalist and history professor, reviewed media coverage of murders of people with disabilities and found that the reporting of these usually fall quickly into the use of disability stereotypes. They often justify murders as “justified” or “mercy killings” and ignore the humanity of the disabled victims.

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Attitude Foundation Founding Director steps down


Founding Director Sue Jeffery has stepped down from her position with the Attitude Foundation.

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6 ways that TV could be more inclusive of disability


The Attitude Foundation is addressing the realistic portrayal of people with disability in television shows. We have selected 6 easy ways that could be adopted by Australian (and other) television stations and program makers to be more inclusive.


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Speechless on Australian TV with disability up front and centre



One of the key issues that the Attitude Foundation is addressing is the realistic portrayal of people with disability in television shows. The inclusion of the American situation comedy Speechless on Channel Eleven’s schedule is a significant breakthrough in this area.

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Inclusive yacht club hosts Attitude Foundation event

A hot sunny day on Sydney’s Pittwater, a keen sailor for a Chairman, and an inclusive venue was an ideal combination for Attitude Foundation’s first major fundraising event in 2017.




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SBS television’s Undressed helps disability inclusion

The inclusion of people with disabilities in the SBS television dating program Undressed is valuable in guiding viewers on how to talk to people with disability and in including them as part of a mainstream program.

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Key lessons in approaching diversity and inclusion in advertising

Attitude Foundation director Catia Malaquias was featured this week by Pro Bono Australia as a significant change maker. The feature article outlines Catia’s journey from the mother of three children, including a son with Down syndrome (his name inspiring her Starting with Julius project), to her work as an advocate to promote  what she describes as “truth in advertising” and her broader involvement in promoting the inclusion of people with a disability in society, media and advertising.

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