We are here!

What an amazing start to Attitude Foundation Limited. Thanks to you we have exceeded all our goals and Key Performance Indicators on our launch. We wanted to reach the widest possible audience - we have reached more than 500,000 Australians since Sunday 9am.

We were hoping that you would be interested in what we'd like to achieve for the 4 million Australians with disabilities. More than 300 of you have been in touch with us through our website with offers of support, telling us your stories and offering your good wishes. 305 of you have liked us on Facebook and, at the time of writing, 268 of you follow us on Twitter

You have been also asking where you can donate - we will in touch about this very soon. As you would appreciate, we want to ensure that we meet all our regulatory requirements before we ask you to support us with your hard-earned cash.

We want to thank - again - our founding supporters. Gilbert + Tobin, The Copy Collective, Graeme Innes AM and the amazing Attitude Group from New Zealand. We also want to that our latest corporate sponsor Microsoft. Through their program for not-for-profits, they are supplying us with a Microsoft Surface Tablet. Please support our sponsors and you can see the great work Microsoft do at www.connectingup.org.

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