TressCox Lawyers lends key expertise to disability TV series


TressCox Lawyers is assisting the Attitude Foundation on its production agreement and distribution rights for the planned pilot episode and TV series featuring people with disabilities.

The support is part of TressCox’s pro bono practice and highly experienced media and entertainment law expert Clare Mirabello (pictured above) is advising the Foundation.  

“Putting together a television production is a complex process, especially in terms of ensuring that the Foundation retains all of the rights to the program and how that is used,” said Attitude Foundation CEO Alex Varley.

“We are fortunate to have secured the support of Clare Mirabello and her colleague Emma Talbot. Clare has long-standing practical experience, especially with Australian productions and ensuring that we properly manage all forms of distribution from television to digital platforms and social media.”

Pro Bono is an integral part of the philosophy of TressCox Lawyers, who is uniquely placed to protect human rights and to assist individuals who are, and organisations that assist, the disadvantaged and marginalised.

TressCox has one of Australia’s leading Media and Entertainment law practices, with local and international clients. They are able to help with financing as well as creating, protecting and maximising the commercial potential of your intellectual property.

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