Something was missing from this beautiful city

18 March 2015

Supporter Blog: Dany V

Sydney 2003, something was missing from the scene of this beautiful and vibrant city....under my eyes, fresh from Italy where I spent 20 years working with "differently able children" and where I breathed and lived all the changes towards the individualisation and all the changes for a real integration. At first I could not see what it was but I felt it, every day.

What was not there? The answer, that struck me after months in my new Country, left me incredulous and  sad:  " People with disability", a  population of hidden human beings that were somewhere but not under the eyes of the " others". Suddenly, when I started working with them, in different ways , I was able to uncover the truth: they were all together playing bowling, having lunches, filling spaces and time in special schools or classrooms, watching movies or doing shopping, going around and so on but all of this done only in certain days, at certain times and places. They were living in cells. 

The question comes spontaneously: How people can change Attitude if they are not exposed to the problem? If they do not know?

Every day now  I work with all my " futuristic knowledge" and fight my battles against stereotypes and false understanding and the only motor I have is my passion to reach everyone and show them what to watch whenever they look at "people differently able": their abilities!

Many of my guys often say to me that I am different " because you speak with us as we are the same"..... This should not be the exception. Everyone should grow older together with all different kind of mates at school and learn from them how difficult can be life when you cannot see or speak or understand things, learn not to take everything for granted, learn respect and helpfulness, learn how to run with a friend on wheels and how to enjoy when your help can make the difference in their lives. This is a shared value that does not have price.

This is the first step to change Attitude in our Country: starting now with our next generation. 

Ciao everyone, 


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