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You can help to change the lives of people with disabilities today!

You can partner with us to ensure that people with disabilities get to live, work and enjoy our great Australian way of life as part of their local communities.

Take little Scarlett. When she was just 5 years old, Scarlett wanted to go to her local school. Scarlett had limited mobility due to spina bifida. The school said that it couldn’t accommodate her needs. Scarlett’s parents lodged a complaint under the Disability Discrimination Act and, as a result of the case, the school made reasonable accommodation so that children like Scarlett could enrol.

Scarlett's Story

Scarlett’s parents made full use of the media in telling their family’s story about how they wanted Scarlett to go to school with the other children who lived in their area. Today that school is fully accessible and proudly features this as one of the many benefits of enrolment.

By telling Scarlett’s story, particularly through the media, the attitude of the school executive changed. The school was made accessible and – through the determination of Scarlett and her family – hundreds of children continue to benefit today.

Watch a video about 7 year old Scarlett School in the bush.

We thank Scarlett for her support and you can read her guest blog.

Changing attitudes through telling just one story can make the difference to hundreds of people. Please partner with us today by donating $50, $10 or even a very generous $250 to support Attitude change attitudes throughout Australia so that people, just like Scarlett, can live lives of inclusion and dignity.

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