Attitude Foundation to up the ante on disability in Australia

1 December 2015

 "We will be shown as neither victims nor heroes, but agents of our own destiny"

Graeme Innes

The Attitude Foundation has taken major strides in its first year of existence towards its goal of changing attitudes towards disability throughout Australia.

Spearheaded by human rights activist and former Disability Discrimination Commissioner Graeme Innes AM, the Attitude Foundation was established in 2014 to create powerful media content that shapes a new understanding about disability and encourages a culture of acceptance, non-discrimination and inclusion of people with disabilities.

“Disability is viewed by many in Australia in a limiting and negative way,” he said. “This Foundation aims to change that. We want to ensure that stories of people with disabilities are told through our own voices. Such stories can change attitudes about us, and changing attitudes changes lives.”

The Foundation was fortunate in recently gaining ANZ as principal partner, a corporate organisation that shares its goal of changing community attitudes and empowering people with disabilities to participate in every aspect of life. With ANZ’s financial commitment over the next two years, Attitude Foundation will create a TV documentary series that gives a voice to the four million Australians with disabilities, showing them forging ahead with life and challenging negative attitudes.

Foundation Chairman Graeme Innes - a respected disability sector leader and experienced campaigner for the rights of people with disabilities – said that documentaries are powerful tools that can change people’s thinking and behaviour.

“Our powerful storytelling will focus on portraying people with disabilities neither as victims nor heroes, but as people in control of their own lives and agents of their own destiny,” said Mr Innes. “Together, by giving a voice to the four million Australians with disabilities and by sharing their stories, we aim to shape a new understanding in Australia ,through depictions of disability that are framed in terms of opportunity, possibilities and positivity.”

“The focus of this year’s International Day of People with Disability is on inclusion, access and empowerment, and we believe that our documentary series will play a significant role in moving Australia towards these goals.”

The Foundation’s TV documentary series is slated for broadcast in 2016, and the participants’ stories will be amplified via multiple digital channels.

In the one year of its existence, the Foundation has been highly active. In addition to securing ANZ’s partnership, the Foundation has met with leaders across corporate, government and disability sectors. It has received significant in-kind support from major corporate organisations, and has been highly active in social media and crowd-funding platforms.

 The Attitude Foundation joins people with disabilities and the broader community in celebrating International Day of People with Disability on 3 December and looks forward to continuing its work of changing attitudes and bringing about social change to improve the lives of people with disabilities throughout Australia.

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