A Milestone for Attitude!

This week Graeme Innes announced the completion of the Attitude Foundation’s business case and began to engage production companies to partner with the foundation to change mainstream attitudes about disability so that people with disability are included in all aspects of life.

This milestone marks the start of the foundation’s journey into creating a TV Series to document positive stories about ordinary people in our community who contribute to society who happen to have a disability.  The foundation believes the key is to change mind-sets away from the traditional view of people with disability as sad unfortunates unable to cope with life and work, to a mind-set of inclusion and equality in all aspects of life.

Integral to changing societal attitudes, documentaries are highly effective in changing mind-sets about some of the most important global issues of our time.  Audiences can be influenced – via compelling and engaging stories - to question their long-held assumptions and to change their behaviour.  Therefore, experts in the fields of TV Production, web portals, video streaming technologies and accessible technologies have been consulted and have contributed to the business case.

There is a strong case for change in Australian society’s attitudes toward people with disability.  The business case articulates the benefits to be gained from full participation of people with disability.

In 2012, the Australian Network on Disability commissioned a study which projected the outcome if governments and employers increased the current employment rate for Australians with disability by one-third over the next decade (from 54% to 64%).  It found that Australia’s GDP could be increased by $43 billion over the next decade if the employment rate of 64% for people with disability was achieved.

Smart businesses are also poised to gain economically from making their services accessible to the growing market of customers with disability – people with spending power.

A more inclusive society means that people with disability can participate in broad community activities, gain independence and self-worth, and enjoy positive health benefits. Families and carers also benefit, as well as the wider community. 

Forward-thinking businesses that want to play a role in the creation of an inclusive society are able to grasp the long-term benefits for the community and business, particularly in the social and economic arenas.  

If your organisation is interested in sponsoring the Attitude Foundation, please email Attitude@Ausattitude.com

The Attitude Foundation’s board would like to express their gratitude to ANZ for their support and seed funding for the completion of the business case.

Check out this great interview of Graeme Innes on The Weekly by Charlie Pickering

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